MobilityReady is the primary learning credential of the Michigan Mobility Institute’s Mobility On Ramp Collaborative, an employer-led effort to address regional talent needs by some of the America’s most recognized mobility startups and Fortune 500 companies. Employer partners include Ford Motor Company, Bosch North America,, and May Mobility. Together, we are creating talent pipeline strategy and tools that boost readiness for high-demand, high-wage workforce positions in mobility tech, autonomy, electrification, engineering, software development, and data sciences.


The Michigan Mobility Institute is dedicated to preparing talent for the future of mobility careers. MobilityReady is an essential part of this mission. Through it, we will train talent to retool and upskill with mobility fundamentals, job skills, and soft skills. Being equipped with these fundamentals will insure the development of a workforce that is fundamentally ready to close the skills gap that separates talent from careers.

Self-driving and electric cars will help create more than 100,000 US mobility industry jobs in the coming decade, including up to 30,000 jobs for engineers with degrees in computer-related subjects. But the demand could be as much as six times the expected number of such graduates, exacerbating the industry’s already significant talent shortage. These tens of thousands of jobs coming on line this decade will go to those that are prepared for them. The best way for employers and communities to connect their populations to these opportunities is to create accelerated learning pathways for workers to gain, retain, and upskill their knowledge of industry so that they are competitive players in the rapidly evolving mobility market. In its strategic approach, MobilityReady engages:

The learning and working standards of local, state, and federal governments.

Educational benchmarks from mobility learning providers and partnered higher educational institutions.

Industry talent specifications from mobility experts, leading mobility companies, and mobility Human Resource professionals as curriculum shapers.

This comprehensive approach allows us to maintain a career-relevant approach to learning, making the participant a more valuable candidate for hire as a result of their MobilityReady experience.


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Preparing talent for the future of mobility careers is important work. The support of our partners and friends is what sustains the Institute in its development of resources, its training through credentials, and its outreach to communities that will benefit from new opportunity creation within mobility. Choose to be a part of the mobility movement by becoming a MobiltiyReady Partner today!


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